How to Quit Capitalism!

Here are Five Simple Steps to Opt Out of Capitalism so you can quit complaining about old systemic problems, and start experimenting with solutions. 

Step One: Stop Working for Unfair Wages. Power only lies with the working class if we, the people working, understand and believe in our worth. 

Yes, this step is hard! Quitting is very risky for many, and not all positions are negotiable. You deserve a living wage.

Avoid competing to earn the lowest wage! Nobody wants that garbage prize.

Step Two: Gift Radically. Scarcity is a purposely divisive myth. When we give whatever we have in abundance, we quit competing and begin connecting.

Gifts don't always need to be purchased. Gifts of time, hand made goodies, regifted stuff. The possibilities!

Most people own more stuff than they even want. Give that away! Everyone has a skill they can share! All gifts are valuable, even if they are priceless.

Step Three: Spend Capital Carefully

If every dollar is a vote, then we the workers with less cash to circulate must be even more concerned with what we choose to support.

The Billionaire Class will not miss your hard earned wages. The small business you can choose to prioritize, will!

Step Four: Get Rebellious

Reclaim rebellion!

What small acts of sovereignty can you commit daily?

We the people are not cogs in the machine. We are autonomous human individuals with physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

Getting rebellious can easily just mean ignoring the grind and living a human life! Practicing little acts of rebellion can retune your ethics for bigger changes down the road. The revolution is a marathon, not a sprint. Each step forward is meaningful.

Step Five: Encourage Others

So you want real change outside of broken systems? You see someone doing that work already?

Encourage Them.

Just because we are revolutionary, does not mean we are free from fear or particularly rugged individuals. It is going to take whole communities of change to make this stuff stick.

Make it a point to gas up your comrades on the front line. We don't need suggestions unless we ask, but well-placed, sincere acknowledgement can mean a whole lot to those making big leaps and keeping their skin in the game.

The Future is Community

Taking risks around money is a privilege. It would be naive to imagine everyone opting out of capitalism could seamlessly happen tomorrow. It's risky for many families to live counter-culturally-- especially People of Color. Allies need to step up.


We can do hard things. Especially if we continue to do the work to cultivate community support structures. Our interdependence can lead to a revolution without the need for a (more) tragic collapse in civilization.

It's Already Working

We have an industrialized world's worth of tools at our disposal. We just need to use them a little more rebelliously! People are figuring out how to make money recording videos of slime noises... We can do anything!

The future looks like:
Mutual Aid Networks
Buy Nothing Groups
Little Free Libraries
Free Pantries
Clothing Swaps
Cooperative Care
& Gift Economies!

I could probably talk a person to sleep around the idea of living small steps toward revolution... but I'd lose my voice! If you like this zine and want to help me get the ideas out there, you can visit my Extras Tab to download, print, and distribute. 

If you're here, thank you for the support! Your eyes on my work keeps me going. I appreciate you!