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Wee Stackable Stools

What's better than flexible seats? I'll tell you: TINY FLEXIBLE SEATS! These little chairs are great for smol friends to pick up and move around to wherever they need, then stow away when they're all finished. Such a delight to be able pull up a seat at any age.

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Low Tables (x5)

Part end table, part work table, I'd love to have a collection of these convertible tables available to setup and take down in Bonus Room. Different leg heights can be interchanged to adapt to whichever community members need to pull up a chair on any given day.

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Transformer Table

Bonus Room v 1.0 is not a large space, but making space to share meals means sharing memories. I would love the ability to have an expandable dining table in the space in order to host events where people can sit across the table from each other- literally. This table is pricy, for sure, but means setting up events will be a simple, straightforward, one woman job. I appreciate you investing in my back!

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Folding Garment Rack (x10)

These garment racks will be so useful for hosing clothing swaps. I'd like to have at least 10 on hand because during the last swap, we ran out of space! An amazing problem to have, for sure. These also fold nice and flat so they can be stowed between events. 

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Folding Chairs (x10)

These babies aren't just for Dibs anymore. I'd love to have a collection of folding chairs available for Bonus Room events. It's always nice to have flexible seating.

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Ceiling Mount Projector Screen

On my crusade to remove the television from the FrunchRoom of Bonus Room, I have come to the conclusion I should install a ceiling mount projection screen. No technology on the floor to climb on, and after the presentations are complete, everything rolls up up and away from curious hands! This screen will be great for movies, event screenings, passion project power point presentations and probably lots more things I haven't imagined yet!

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Video Projector

OKAY. Yikes. Deep breath. $800 for a projector!? Wild, I know. But follow me here. Ever since I walked into the FrunchRoom of this adorable Chicago Worker's Cottage, I've been against throwing a television into the space. BUT with a projector, I would be able to host events and discussions that require visuals, then roll this technology quietly out of the room to make space for more human interactions. Is this the best projector? I don't know! It's what the internet told me to buy. If you're a projector nerd and want to give me a better option, LET ME KNOW! K THANKS!

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Hairpin Legs for low window countertop

These cute little legs are made in Wisconsin and will be just the thing to support a long, low window shelf for small friends to work on projects, have a snack, or just watch neighbors walk by. 

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Backrest for FrunchRoom Bench

Wooden benches are great and everything, but sometimes you just need to lean back and take a minute, you know? This wedge pillow will help visiting friends do just that. It's also washable because, you know, kids!

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Transformer Bench (x2)

With two extending benches, We will be able to create flexible seating for up to 12 adult bodies... and that's like 25 kid bodies. Amazing for hosting potluck dinners, and activities that work best while sitting in front of a table. One bench will also live happily in the FrunchRoom and house baskets of infant-friendly toys below. 

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Washable Floor Cushions (x10)

Because Bonus Room will be imagined for the comfort of tiny humans, our tables will all be pretty low. To help out floor-sitters with... elder bottoms... I'd love to have a pile of light weight, washable floor cushions. These will be great for adults, as well as for kids to build forts, make obstacle course, and generally cozy up the space. Then they can be stowed away easily when not in use.

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Rolling Carts for Books (x3)

These carts will hold and organize 3 book genres in the Bonus Room Library: Picture Books, Middle Grade/YA, and Reference/Nonfiction. I am hoping to have carts that are easy to roll in and out of the Library Room so it can be a bedroom on the weekends, and a quiet reading space on the weekdays and during events. Three distinct colors is my hope, so anyone can easily color-code and return books to their proper spots.

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