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Welcome to “Buy Me A Coffee”, a platform where individuals interested in the healing work that I do as a performance artist now have a unique opportunity to become the investors who collectively produce it by way of both financial sponsorship and direct feedback about the kind of content they wish to see created!

My art mixes a love of language, music, puppetry, animation and the absurd, with a love of "woo-woo" wisdoms and whimsy to both subvert and soothe a spiritually anemic world; in this way “pieing” the face of hate and all manner of systemic tom-foolery, via what I call the “Sacred Silly”. Rooted in a belief that the ability to exact change in one’s self — and by extension the world at large — lies in focusing on what we desire and not the lack thereof, it provides mirthful diversions to transmute old narratives. In short, I make “Inner-tainment”. And that’s work that encourages audiences to go within, be it within themselves, enlightening conversations, or ideas and constructs ripe for reconstruction. Tapping into what I call our shared “Goof-vinty”, I invite audiences to join me in exploring the art of laughing at oneself as a means of becoming the joyous change we collectively seek.

The Inner-tainment currently seeking your support is:

Escape From BooBooVille (a child-like show for grown-ass folk!)”

We begin our journey on the corner of “World” and “Wits End” where a girl in search of life’s meaning finds herself trapped in a dystopian world known as BooBooVille. To break free, she must venture beneath the magical skirts of a fantastical being named "Bless Ma'am", who just happens to possess clown-faced breasts aptly named Chuckle and Suck who talk and are prone to burst into song. With the help of this mythic figure the girl (me) discovers portals of connection to others also thirsty for escape, enlightenment, and healing mirth.

Perhaps that's you?

If so, join me beneath the voluminous skirts of my imagination to meet a whole host of characters as we explore all manner of self-care and spiritually inquisitive themes. Each episode serves as a twisted retooling of preschool inspired programming where viewers learn valuable lessons from folks showing up as restorative “Light-Workers” in these dark times of need and is supported by an interview segment ending with a variety show component. And note the pendulum swings wacky and wide with points of entry for those who consider themselves spiritual seekers, all the way to those who “poo-poo” the notion! Think Pee-wee’s Playhouse (because - tongue in cheek nostalgia) meets Oprah (because - duh) meets little ‘ol me, sometimes sans teeth, rocking clown tits (because - I’m giving ya’ll the breast that I got!) besides all the shameless puns of course... You’re welcome!

What is Boo-Boo-Ville?

Escape From Boo-Boo-Ville Teaser: 

Light-Worker Interview with Tom Gullo:


*The Misadventures Of Clown zerO, a musical podcast”

* My heartfelt thanks to those of you who donated to “The Misadventures of Clown ZerO” Ko-Fi campaign. We met our goal and held the money in escrow for well over a year in anticipation of finishing season one. However the pandemic hit and the hapless clown has had to quarantine in a hermetically sealed circus tent in deep space, as all “Humo-spaiens” were advised to do, and in the fall of 2020 it was decided the best use of the funds invested was to pay the creators who had toiled with great heart and no remuneration for years, and OMG did everyone appreciate it mightily! :O) N

And for more about the production company, Clown HerO Inner-tainment please visit my website linked below.

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Nicole of Clown HerO Inner-tainment

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