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Hey 👋 If you pay me a ko-fi and you tell me a character ... I can draw a sketch of this character as my thanks! 
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Amazing artwork :)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA thk u so much!! I'm crying thk u!! 😍 😢 🙈 😭 Tell me a character and tomorrow I'll try to do a sketch for u!! 😍 

Hahaha you're welcome :) I just wanted to support you so don't feel like you need to do a sketch. If you want ideas I'd love to see you do something inspired Studio Ghibli. It could really fit with your style!

Like a fanart or something similar? Because I can show u a Totoro's fanart that I did last month ^^. Also, this week I've been thinking about doing more Ghibli's fanarts but I don't know if u refer to that.

I love this Totoro artwork you did! For Studio Ghibli... I guess everyone's favourite is Spirited Away :) But also, do you watch Attack on Titan... I've seen loads of people posting fanart. Please don't feel like you need to draw anything :) I just wanted to support your work.

Aaaaaa thk u!! Yeah I have in mind to do Spirited Away's fanart next. What a coincidence, I start Attack on Titan yesterday because all my friends tell me that it's amazing!! I'll do a fanart of course hahaha. Don't worry you're the first person who supports me so I want to pay attention at what you say to me :). Also, I've social media accounts if u want to follow me and I'm open for commissions right now. Finally, thk u so much for support me, it's really important to me and I've no incomes now so thk uu!! <33