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Choosing books often becomes a herculean task. 

What to read?

Should I really invest my time and money in this book?

Is it worth my time?

Will this book help/guide me? 

I wish I knew what is in a book before I spend my hard-earned money.

You don't have to worry about it anymore. I will read the books and let you know what is inside those 200, 400 or even 1000 pages.

I write summaries and recommendations of non-fiction books alongside, you can also find some great advice from these books I read and also from my collection that I share via [email protected]

I write Book Summaries on my website and some useful tips and tricks on Medium.

The genres I read: Personal Finance, Psychology, Time Management, Law of Attraction, Habits, Relationships and Self-improvement.

Your donations greatly help me continue my work.

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