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Hey there!

My name’s Ashley, and I play around with mud in my spare time. Making pottery nourishes my soul, so your support helps tremendously to continue doing what I love. With all my heart, thank you ❤️


I started making ceramics back in 2018 during my sophomore year of college at UNCW. My ceramics professor was so passionate about the medium that it sparked a passion for it in me. I ended up minoring in Studio Art with a concentration in ceramics, and about seven months after graduating from college, I started up pottery again at a local community studio. 

As I worked with clay, I developed a spiritual connection to the medium, finding that my relationship with clay is much like God's relationship with us. We are like balls of clay--nothing rather remarkable at first, but as God shapes us, we become beautiful vessels meant to fill the spaces around us with light, warmth, and love. It's a process that nurtures my mind and my soul, and I couldn't imagine my life without creating pottery.

Thank you so much for joining me on my clay journey. I hope your life is filled with joy and goodness!

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