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£100 means I can freely spend a day writing and producing a new episode instead of doing other 'work'.


24% of £100

£100 means I can freely spend a day writing and producing a new episode instead of doing other 'work'.

My name is Seymour Jacklin, and I am the pen and voice behind the Stories from the Borders of Sleep podcast.

I started publishing these stories in 2011 with no expectations about, where it would all go. I just had an urge to write and connect with people. It has been semi-regular with a few long gaps since then as the detail of life and the need to make a living has intervened with my creative time. Nevertheless, it seems the stories struck a chord and the listenership has grown and grown, I am not done yet. My head is full of stories and I want to give them away. The more I can be supported by listeners, the more time I can afford to give to working on fresh material ...  so if you can help, then thank you!

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Your stories are a great way to wind down after my overnight shift as a radio news presenter in San Francisco (just have to stay awake behind the wheel).

Oh that is awesome! Thank you for the coffee ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ 😍 and thank you for listening. Respect to a fellow 'voice in the night' - stay safe and sleep tight.

Soledad Fernandez-Whitechurch
Soledad Fernandez-Whitechurch bought 5 coffees.

Helly Seymour! Last time I wrote I had a fever from my COVID vaccine which explains why I butchered all the story titles! that aside your stories were a source of relief from the tiredness and aches. Thank you!

Aw! There's no harm in creative title embellishments!  I'm glad you're feeling better - that's the main thing. And thank you once again for your generous support. I am very happy indeed to know the stories helped 👍 🌜 ⭐️ 🌛 😄 

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I love, love, love your stories and this podcast. It's like you've slipped it thorugh the barrier between your magical world into our consumer-driven economy where everything screams for attention. Every time a new episode drops I feel like I found a little treasure from that other place and I make time to listen carefully.

Oh, that's beautiful; thank you. I feel like the stories are kind of gifted to me from 'that other place' too! Happy to pass them along 😊 Thank you so much for your support, Lori 🐭 🌻  

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always looking forward to another sbs episode

This was a wonderful boost this morning; thank you so much for your generous support. Another episode is promised very soon! Have a wonderful day ☺️ 🐰 🌸 

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