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£102 of £100 goal reached

£100 means I can freely spend a day writing and producing a new episode instead of doing other 'work'.

£102 of £100 goal reached

£100 means I can freely spend a day writing and producing a new episode instead of doing other 'work'.

My name is Seymour Jacklin, and I am the pen and voice behind the Stories from the Borders of Sleep podcast.

I started publishing these stories in 2011 with no expectations about, where it would all go. I just had an urge to write and connect with people. It has been semi-regular with a few long gaps since then as the detail of life and the need to make a living has intervened with my creative time. Nevertheless, it seems the stories struck a chord and the listenership has grown and grown, I am not done yet. My head is full of stories and I want to give them away. The more I can be supported by listeners, the more time I can afford to give to working on fresh material ...  so if you can help, then thank you!

@KarenAChase bought 5 coffees.

As an author, I spend all day with my nose in my own words. As night comes, I adore listening to your stories, which playfully meander through a door and into worlds so different from my own. Your voice adds to the wonder of the yarns, and on nights I've listened, my dreams are all the better for it. I also believe authors should be compensated for such a craft. Please keep writing.

Karen It's a thrill to meet you, and you must know how encouraging it is to get a little boost from a fan. I am so glad the stories do what they were intended to. Thank you so much for the supportive coffee and kind words. Dream sweetly and take care 🌻 😊 👍 

You're so very welcome. Indeed it is always lovely to hear from fans (readers or listeners) who enjoy what we do. It keeps the pen moving. I'm looking forward to hearing more. You take care, too.

Kelly Sargent
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I hope I'm able to figure out how to do this, this time around. I failed the last time I tried.

Kelly! It worked! Thank you ever so much for the coffee 😊 Thank you for listening and giving me a boost. I hope you have a wonderful day 🌻 

Paul bought 5 coffees.

These are wonderful stories...I think (grin)...I keep drifting off while listening.  Best sleep aid I've ever found

I am delighted to hear that you have benefitted from the stories and enjoyed listening, Paul. This is a huge encouragement to know, and, thanks to your generous support and kind words, there is fresh power in my pen! 👍 ⚡️ ✒️ 🎨 😄 

Christy bought 5 coffees.

As soon as I found your podcast I started “binging” by listening to one each night. Now I am daytime binging to catch up on any that I may have drifted off during the telling. Thank you for this marvelous, inspired collection of bite-sized masterpieces!

Christy thank you! What a thrill to hear from another listener who is digging into the SBS archives. I very much appreciate the support and encouragement. Enjoy the 'binging' and thank you so much for listening 😊 😊 😊 

Miya Ramsey
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Happily caffeinated, thanks to you, Miya! Thank you very much and I am glad you like the stories!😀 😀 😀