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Creative Technologist & IT Pro Running Frauvis and Culturefiy

Hi, I'm Naya! This is what I am working on:

Frauvis, a FREE Black Women in Tech Community

  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Weekly Podcast
  • Job board and connections
  • Slack community
  • Workshops
  • Resume Review
  • Coaching

Culturefiy, HR Tech Software as a Service

  • Bi-Weekly Newsletter
  • Podcast
  • Job Board
  • Building Early-stage SaaS product
    • Consultancy
    • Build MVP     
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Thank you so much! Really appreciate this!

Shane Neubauer
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Huge thank you for this!!!!!! 🥰 Appreciate your nonstop support!

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Thank you! I appreciate you continuing to be so supportive!

Woah, thank you so much! That was so quick!  I really appreciate it! 🙏🏾 Thank you for all of the hard work you do as well! ❤️

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