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I make Mythic things.

Blog posts, podcasts, pics, and presentations.

Also, I love alliteration.

At the end of 2019, I was applying to grad school for Depth Psychology/Mythological Studies.

Then the 2020 cluster🤬 happened. Pandemic. Murder hornets. Fire tornadoes. 

The sky over San Francisco turned red.

Seriously, future generations will never believe 2020 really happened.

But Ph.D. program or not, I dove deep into the mythic realm.

I wrote newsletters about the meaning of Monday, the Starbucks siren, and mythological themes in Wonder Woman comics

I launched the Mythic podcast.

I founded The Mythic Network.

I earned a Certificate in Applied Mythology, giving me lots of tools to use in my coaching and material for new podcast episodes.

I taught a mythology-based personal growth course, Creating with the Gods.

These projects blend imagination, academics, and personal growth--and sometimes they're just plain silly. Here’s a video of me changing like Wonder Woman.

I'm still hell-bent on that Ph.D., but for the moment, it's beyond my means.

That’s where Buy Me a Coffee comes in.

Every cuppa moves me closer to graduate school.

So I'll keep making courses, coaching tools, podcasts, posts, and opportunities for alliteration. And if you find something useful, I'd love it if you'd Buy Me a Coffee! ☕️