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What is bots on the go?

Bots On The Go is a service to help people understand bots, where they can be used, what they are used for, how to use them, the pros and cons on each bot and our option on it.

What are libraries?

This is the page you land on when you come to the site and have two functions.

First, they are set out by what platform the type of bot is used on which can be found on the right hand side of the page.

Second, you have the types of bots this shows you what a bot is about and what type of bots you will find under its section.

What are directories?

After you have chosen your type of bot you will then be taken to its directory page where you will see a list of bots that we have listed.

You can click them to see what the bots about, then once you find you like the bot you can then go back to the directory page and vote.

On this page you also have the ability to search for a bot or you can organise the page by amount of votes, most recent or A to Z.

What does voting do?

This tells people visiting the site that the bot is useful and that it is a bot worth using on their service

About Us

Be It Me Not You AKA Michael John Burgess

Michael was born on 7th October 1991, he comes from London in the UK.

He enjoys playing games, photography, reading and chatting with his friends and community

He recently set up Bots On The Go with his friend Leon La Grey to show of his knowledge of the word of bots used to help moderate, chat, and play games

LeonLaGrey AKA Leon La Grey

Founder & Owner of Leon La Grey Entry Blog w/ 15 yrs of tech exp & knowledge | Podcaster behind the LLG_Podcast