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Botzee is a rolling dice game that you play in Slack with your friends and coworkers. If you haven't played yet, you can install and start playing for free! Join hundreds of other Slack teams that are making work a little more fun with Botzee!

If you've already installed Botzee and played a few games, please consider supporting the app. Botzee is completely free, and doesn't sell ads or user data. Contributions from users to help cover the cost of development and hosting are greatly appreciated.

Botzee is created and maintained by Chris Kalafarski in Boston.

Someone bought 5 coffees.
Someone bought 5 coffees.
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I love this so much!  Any chance we can get a manual option to turn autoplay on if someone has to leave for some reason? This is the perfect time killer working overnight!  

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thx for supporting my botzee + bachelor habits

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many thanks from residents of the little green house