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boyOHboy ( is a nonprofit organisation of general interest that connects worldwide LGBTQ filmmakers with the Paris audience, in order to fight against discrimination towards gay youth, and help them regain confidence in themselves.

What differentiates boyOHboy from commercial and community film festivals, is our concept of "Cinematographic Marathon" spread over the course of a full year, with a film festival at the end of the year (October 16-18, 2020).

Our initiative aims to educate youth, by going "on their ground", in high schools and colleges, to show them short films that challenge them on the importance of respecting each other, and accepting the fact that in society there are different ways of loving and approaching our sexual orientation.

By going to the source, where bullying takes place, we are trying to change the false ideologies of what some youth believe in. It is our way of contributing to the fight against homophobia. Each screening in class is followed by a workshop and/or a debate with a social worker who offer educational and cultural support, sometimes even with the contribution of a famous artist.

At the end of the year, boyOHboy organises its own film festival:

The purpose is to present to the Paris audience, the films that have most touched the youth to whom we have shown them to during the year.

There is a vote (of the jury, the public and the invited students), but it is not the technical quality that is rewarded here. The winners (by type of film) are those whose creative and social approach best contributes to our message of openness and tolerance.

Don't think that the technical quality is not important for us. On the contrary: in fact, each year boyOHboy receives more than a thousand films, arriving from all over the world, and our dedicated team makes a rigorous pre-selection in order to make sure we only have films of indisputable quality. Thus, the audience can focus on our internal mission.