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My name is Audrey and I'm a content creator with borderline personality disorder.

I debated for months whether to launch BPD Beautiful. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put my experience with BPD out there. I worried about the repercussions and of the possibility of my mom or a client finding it. I worried about my family’s privacy.

In the end, I created BPD Beautiful (using a pseudonym) for a handful of reasons. They are…

— to support other people struggling with BPD as they work in their own DBT therapy and to share what I’ve learned & what’s worked throughout my treatment.

— to inspire those with BPD who are struggling with their day to day to take time for themselves and be mindful.

— to show an example of how DBT treatment works for people with BPD who are afraid to get help or are only just learning of their diagnosis.

— to give loved ones a better idea of how to cope with borderline personality disorder and to help them in understanding BPD.

— to help raise BPD awareness and do my part in ending the BPD stigma.

— and the last, more personal reason was because I absolutely love blogging and creating content. The last blog I ran in the early 2010's was for eating disorder recovery. Blogging—and the network of bloggers I met along the way, played a big role in my recovery (6+ years with no relapse). Blogging helps me hold myself accountable.

I don’t have all the answers. I won’t claim to. I’m not a mental health expert. But I’ve been learning as I go with the help of therapy and DBT, the support of my family & friends and the motivation I get from raising my son. Everything I have learned & experienced and everything I am learning & experiencing is being documented with BPD Beautiful.

All support goes towards creating more research based & positive BPD recovery content, growing the blog and providing for my family.