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Greetings, Gugu-Gee-ans and Humans! 
 👋   Thanks for coming by our page.  In the time of court composers (like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, for example), the king would patronize artists to create art.  Now in 2021, YOU can be the king!  And buy the weekly show "a coffee" ... or a monthly membership.  And help create free YouTube entertainment for the people of the kingdom.  No more "let them eat cake" for us!!!  Let's feed the people!

The current ongoing weekly show is VACATION EARTH.  Here's the backstory --

"BrainFire Entertainment was sent these transmissions of the alien CLORG by the mysterious hacker group UFOLove. They claim this series of digital offerings were intercepted en route to Gugu-Gee, a planet thought to exist in the brightest galaxy (NGC-4696) of the constellation Centaurus (Centaurus Cluster). Gugu-Gee is approximately 145,000,000 light years from Earth. Gugu-Gee-ans are a benevolent parasitic species -- looking very much like a worm, and they have the ability to inhabit a human body.

CLORG is apparently on a quest to create a classy travel and lifestyle show called VACATION EARTH for consumption on his home planet.  As far as we know, he is not aware the show has been hacked.

These transmissions were not intended for human eyes!"

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