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The Brainy Chef Club
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(£20 a month/ £120 yearly) Join The Brainy Chef Club to help you to turn your kitchen into a classroom for your child and help your child to learn to confidently cook healthy meals independently from scratch while integrating the learning of core academic subjects within a biblical worldwiew. 
1x monthly themed lesson plan bundle with healthy cooking or baking recipes and a set of learning activity worksheets
1x cooking or baking lesson every fortnight
1x live theory class with Q&A, taught by a food scientist and chef, every fortnight
A safe and private online community

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Are you homeschooling or home educating a child or teen, who is a foodie, and you want them to learn the sciences and other key subjects in the most practical and delicious way?

Have you been called to homeschool, or home educate, your child and need help to get started in a non-intimidating way, yet practical way?

Do you want your child to learn home economics and master the life skills of cooking and baking and build confidence in independently preparing meals from scratch?

Do you want your child or children to be educated within a biblical worldview?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Brainy Chef Club is the right place for you.

We are bridging the gap between education and learning an important life skill by homeschooling in the kitchen through teaching children healthy cooking and baking together with the sciences, maths, fine art, food science, engineering, technology, home economics, geography, history, and culture within a biblical worldview to help them gain confidence and learn life skills.

Our guiding principle is ‘good food is God food which is natural, unprocessed and wholesome.’

How The Brainy Chef Club Works:

As a student, your brainy chef will receive:

1. One lesson plan bundle a month containing 2 cross-curricular cooking/baking projects with delicious recipes to complete in their own time. (Please note that our recipes are mainly vegetarian with vegan options)

2. One cooking or baking lesson, corresponding to the lesson plans in the lesson plan bundle, every fortnight. Replays will be made available.

3. One live theory class with Q&A, taught by a food scientist and chef, every fortnight. Replays will be made available.

4. Each lesson plan in the bundle has corresponding learning activity worksheets to accompany the live lessons to help the student to retain the knowledge gained and to encourage self-directed learning through conducting independent research. 

5. A private and safe community to interact and show off their culinary skills by sharing photographs and videos of their delicious culinary creations. 

You can sign up for our membership at $27 a month or make big savings by signing up for a year at $147 a year

Come join this amazing community of like-minded homeschoolers, or home educators, who love God and like good food. 

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