Buy Brandee Gaar a mcdouble


Thanks for the McDouble!!!  I know, I know...I'm a fast food junkie but I can't help it!

I'm the host of the She Who Dares Podcast - a conversational podcast for growth-minded business owners who are balancing the entrepreneurial life with the joy of raising a family.

My mission is to encourage and educate business owners and aspiring business owners through sharing real-life start up stories, successes, and tips for juggling it all!

Tune in to listen to industry experts who have already walked the walk. Sometimes we look at the people who have made it and forget that they had to start somewhere! On this podcast, we'll talk about how these successful entrepreneurs got to where they are today, laugh about the silly obstacles we’ve faced, have some serious real talk about the realities of being a business owner, and exchange the nuggets of wisdom we’ve learned along the way.

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