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What is BrandProdigy?

(i) BrandProdigy is all about Domain Names, Branding and Digital Marketing.

(ii) Entrepreneurs can find favorite Brand Names along with their Matching Domain Name.

(iii) The Names we provide are Handpicked by us and Tailored for Startup Companies.

(iv) We help you choose a name for your Business Name that will Empower your Customers and they’ll keep coming back for more.

(v) Reasonable Pricing and Creativity helps us Standout.

What we do?

(i) Educating and empowering the aspiring entrepreneur on Domain Names by providing the freshest news and latest best practices via the industry’s smartest practitioners.

(ii) BrandProdigy is unique in its creative-based approach to domain names.

(iii) As a reliable partner, we see ourselves as innovation drivers, combining our knowledge on the latest technologies with our over two decades of industry experience.

Why we do?

We do this because we are absolutely passionate about branding.