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Our goal as a small newsroom is to make Brazil easier to understand. When we started The Brazilian Report back in 2017, we were a company of two. Along with a handful of freelancers, we strived to explain the complexities of Brazil’s political and economic reality to readers at home and abroad. Four years later, not only has our team grown, but we are working harder than ever to bring you the latest stories on our website, our weekly podcast, our newsletters, as well as special videos. More recently, we’ve also started covering Latin America, as it is impossible to understand Brazil without contextualizing it within its region.

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Our awards :

🥈"Best newsletter" finalists at the 2022 LATAM’s Digital Media Awards

🥈"Best website and mobile news services" finalists at the 2022 LATAM’s Digital Media Awards

🥇“Best home page“ at the 2021 EPPY Awards

🥇“Best news or event feature video“ at the 2021 EPPY Awards, ahead of Bloomberg Business!

🥈“Best editorial/political cartoon” finalists at the 2021 EPPY Awards

🥇“Best Paid Content Strategy” at the 2021 LATAM’s Digital Media Awards hold by the World News Association of Publishers!

🥈Second place overall at the 2021 LATAM’s Digital Media Awards, just behind O Globo.