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The novel coronavirus pandemic has rattled markets, struck fear into the population, and will push the world into a crisis of proportions as of yet unknown.

In moments like this, it is crucial to have access to reliable sources of information. That is why we at The Brazilian Report have created a Covid-19 Tracker live blog, with the latest developments in Brazilian government measures and the impacts of the outbreak on the economy.

This live blog is paywall-free, as we believe that information is one of the best tools for us to beat the virus—after washing our hands, of course.

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The Brazilian Report is an independent English-written media outlet uniquely positioned to offer an insider’s view on current affairs in Brazil.

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Moving to Brasil this year to get married, so I'm keeping myself updated on the Corona situation. Thank you for all the great articles! Great job!

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Thank you!!

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Enjoy your coffee and thanks for your brilliant job! 

Thank you, and happy to read this!

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In times were independent journalism is used for fake news propagation, Brazilian Report is an example of serious and much needed indepent journalism.

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