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Before putting this admittedly odd cartoon into context, let's take a step back.

Though we’re living in one of the most visual eras of our existence, political cartoons seem to have gone out of fashion somewhat.

Could that be because:

- People are paying less attention to the press?

- Perhaps it's because cartoonists have faced backlash, threats and restrictions on their free speech?

- Or maybe satirists are now walking on eggshells due to the growing culture of online shaming?

Here at The Brazilian Report, we want to keep laughing and keep provoking reactions from people. Our media outlet is 100% independent and we want to keep expressing our ideas through our pencils! And we want to keep commissioning our cartoonist to give us a cutting twist on the news of today, even in these difficult times.

Still trying to work out why our caricature is filling his underwear with banknotes? Bear with us a little longer!

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And now, here's the story behind our bathroom ATM!

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