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We believe that information is one of the best tools for us to beat the virus—after washing our hands, of course! At The Brazilian Report, we have created a paywall-free Covid-19 Tracker live blog, with the latest developments in Brazilian government measures and the impacts of the outbreak on the economy. 

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... we have a small favor to ask. We are an independent news organization, free from political and commercial bias. Our objective is to make Brazil more visible on the international scene. The good news is that you can make a meaningful contribution to this goal and it takes just a few seconds: You can either subscribe to one of our membership plans, or you can gift us a ☕! Or do both! Your contribution, however big or small, will help to make Brazil stand out.

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Keep up the great work! 

Thank you, Someone :-)!

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Enjoy the coffee 💜 and keep up the great content. Independent news rule! 🤩

Thank you Lucy!

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Thanks so much for your excellent reporting!

Thanks a lot Dan!

Ane Locht
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As a Danish journalist I'm following your news with great interest. It's thorough and reliable. 

This is really nice, thank you Ane! Happy to help a fellow journalist!

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Great work. Been listening for a few months. Lived in Sao Paulo for 3 2010-13 and wish I couldve listened to you back then! 

São Paulo is amazing, isn't it? We are very happy you got the chance to live in Brazil! Keep spreading the word and thanks for the coffee!