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Prepping Games For Kids

Mar 25, 2022

Yesterday I mentioned in my IG stories some games you can play with your kids that will teach them preparedness without them knowing it. They are Exits and Sneak.

We learned about Exits (which doesn't really have a name but I'm calling it that) at martial arts. You don't want to and don't have to make your kids anxious every time they go somewhere so best if you don't call them prepper games or anything like that. This works best if we are at a place where we have to wait in line. I say ok tell me how many windows do you see? How many people do you see? How many exits are there? So you work in the habit of them looking for these things when they are out and about and make situational awareness something they do without thinking.

You can also go outside and play Sneak. One person will sit on the ground with their eyes closed. Someone else has to try to sneak by them. That's it! The person sitting can stretch out their arms and reach out to "catch" the sneaker and guess where they are by what they hear. So this is a great game for each role because the sneaker is learning to be silent and the sitter is learning to listen closely. Don't worry it's not about teaching your kids to be sneaky or anything like that. There's a lot of reasons why it is good to learn to be quiet and to listen carefully!

If you try these games or do other games like this leave a comment and let us know!

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