Hi Folks

There is a reason for the picture in the homepage header, which is from my time in Linkoping where I attended the European Women's Football competition in 2013 with my nephew. It relates to football and my first taste of freedom in my childhood years.

For some football is an exciting sport, for others less so or not so, but for me, even though I was born with an Asian cultural background, I seemed to enter this earth with a natural love and talent for football. In fact I was in love with the game.

What was interesting for me is that I felt free when I played - something about being able to express my natural gifts and talents without prejudice or judgement. Football was to go on to teach me many things about life such as overcoming challenges, winning mentality, teamwork, recovery from disappointment, purpose and power to name but a few.

One of the excerpts in my book Breaking Free is about what football taught me about the game of life. In fact I went on to draw from those lessons and translate them into other areas of my life which lacked those qualities later on.

Nevertheless football was the vehicle that got me in touch with the feeling of freedom hence the picture in the header graphic. Freedom for me was marked by this lightness of spirit, expression of my natural talents without constraint, sharing the fun and joy of creative expression within a team, and the adventure of expanding that talent.

I was thankful to have had the experience first considering what unfolded thereafter. It gave me an important reference point when disentangling from the constraints on freedom in order to find my way back so to speak.

Breaking Free charts that starting point, and then the descent into a contrasting landscape, how that negatively impacted me, and took me to a place of self sabotage off the back of tragic loss. Ironically it was the self imprisonment which provided another contrasting springboard from which I set myself free from the things that disentangled me from living life to the full beyond mere survival.

What is freedom to you, and what were your earlier experiences of freedom?

Many blessings