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I am running live sessions for parents who want to find the answers to their questions about breastfeeding. If I had a mission, it would be to support mums to breastfeed for as long as they want to.

I have been a qualified, professional Breastfeeding Counsellor for over ten years, supporting literally thousands of parents both antenatally and postnatally. I have trained peer supporters (mums to support other mums) as well as professionals.

We all know there are often difficulties in the early days of feeding but things change as time goes on too. I want to offer answers to parents wondering if the latest phase is in fact normal, and to explain some of the science behind what is happening to help them understand what is happening and why and what to expect going forward. 

As well as sessions for parents I can do sessions for doulas or others who support mums and I have been asked to consider running something for grandparents too! Everything I share will be evidence based not myth so you can be sure you will understand in greater detail what to expect. 

Want a specific session on a topic? Email me [email protected]