As I walked the streets of old Mazatlan today, I heard a cat crying. I located the poor soul standing next to the curb crying pathetically. He was an orange tabby and looked like he had a sore on his side caused by a fight. He cried so loudly that I thought he must have been hungry. I looked around to see if there was a little mom-and-pop store where I could get some cat food. I imagine he was also thirsty and obviously a stray.

I’m a sucker for animals. Humans are so cruel to them, and all they want is to love you and be loved in return. I would have taken him with me if I had been closer to home.

From now on, I will carry a can of cat food in my purse and a bottle of water. The next time I run into a cat needing help, I’ll be prepared.

I'll put some dog kibble in my purse also. Mazatlan has a problem with stray cats and dogs.

I'd appreciate it if you could help the animals by donating to my fund for the animals.

I might buy myself a cup of coffee, too.