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My Favourite Moment in the Book So far

Jul 05, 2021

Someone on TikTok asked me to post my favourite moment in the book so far and I gotta say this is one of the funniest!...

Rain Clouds formed over the lake and it suddenly became bitter cold. We all climbed out of the water and climbed into our tents. It was too tight to move around, but we managed to put some clothes on. I put on a white and pink baseball shirt with a Skitty from Pokémon on it and finally some underwear. Agony put on some purple sweat pants and wooly purple hoodie. Jereth Threw on his signature brown cardigan that he wore everywhere and some grey dress pants and last, but certainly not least Galveston stayed butt naked because he only brought the clothes on his back when he left his home behind and they were out in the rain. 

I couldn’t help, but stare directly at Galveston's cock while we sat there. Eventually Jereth had to say something. “Hey Doreen! Ya know he has eyes right.”

“Oh sorry, it’s the ADHD. I need to keep myself entertained.” I looked away, embarrassed.

“Then pull out your phone and watch some Netflix.” He commanded like an aggravated New Jersey Italian Father.

“I can’t! The weird guy who captured me and put me in the basement stole my phone. I never got it back.”

“Oh shit!” Galveston said as he shuffled around looking for something with his hands. “Is this it?”

“Where’d you get that?!” I said exasperated. 

“I’m the weird guy who captured you and locked you in the basement! I’ve had it the whole time and never thought to give it back.” He chuckled nervously.

“You were the guy!?” I was a little bit puzzled and more than a little upset and I’m sure it showed on my face.

“Yeah, but he also helped rescue you, so… He made up for it!” Jereth smiled.

“Yeah sure.” I said with angst. “Fuck it’s dead.”

The tent zipper went down unexpectedly. On the other side stood Blackbird, With an opened yellow button up shirt and khaki cargo shorts paired well with flip flops and a straw hat to boot. “Hey ever since we got back Marcus has been cutting farts in the tent. Can I join you guys here?”

“Uh yeah sure.” I stuttered not wanting to say no, but knowing it was already pretty tight in here. Galveston slid over and touched his naked body against Agony. Agony seemed only mildly uncomfortable so we carried on. Jereth moved closer to Galveston and I snuggled up to Agony and finally there was enough room. Blackbird climbed in. 

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