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I'm the creator of PyTutorials,, auto-py-to-exe and many other tools. I'm always keen to help out and reply to hundreds of questions a year.


PyTutorials is my YouTube channel where I upload Python tutorials. These tutorials typically target people with a basic understanding of Python and are typically a lot faster and to the point compared to related videos.

I have replied to thousands of questions on my videos and aim to continue doing so. I am aiming to start uploading again. is my personal website where I post about my projects, tutorials and other things I feel others might find interesting. I have also replied to hundreds of questions on this site and post every so often.


auto-py-to-exe is a project I created to help beginners with packaging their Python scripts to executables. This tool got quite large and now has over 1k stars on GitHub. The majority of the questions I get day-to-day are associated with this tool which helped me write up a giant help post that also helps with PyInstaller issues (as auto-py-to-exe uses PyInstaller).