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I'm a full-time blogger but still working towards making a significant impact in the space. One of my main goals is to help budding bloggers understand the industry and be prepared for the ups and downs that they're bound to face and come out on top.

My main platform for this goal is—but it's still new. I also run a tech blog called that's still growing (it's my first blog that I started not so long ago and it has taught me a lot).

The tech blog mainly helps people troubleshoot their everyday challenges that arise from using their smartphones, PCs, etc.

I cannot guarantee success with the tips on But I'll show how I'm growing in blogging, how I got started, and every hurdle I had to jump over to keep heading in the right direction to meet my goals.

Any form of support from you will go a long way in helping me keep the blogs up and running.

Cheers and thanks a lot for your support!