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Hello, I'm Brian and I live in sunny San Diego, Ca. I'm currently a software engineer (web development) by profession with over 20 years experience and have been a race director for a couple of running races and group runs since 2009. I understand what goes into putting on a quality running event and hope that I may offset some of the burden for my fellow race directors by assisting with miscellaneous tasks that need to get done. I'm here to help!

Something you should know about me. I'm responsive, detailed oriented, and I love to optimize and simplify processes to ease the burden that comes with race management. It's something I think about all the time and try to better myself with. I even build tools for my own races. I can help in this area too.

If you have a set of tools, programs, or websites that you work with, I can use them, provided that I receive a login to use them.

Here are just some of the things that I may be able to assist with is:

- Simple Website Content Updates

- Social Media (setup, posting, scheduling)

- Graphics (not a Designer though)

- Newsletter

- Proof read, review materials (I have a Grammarly account)

- Spreadsheet updates (Google Drive - sheets, forms, docs, etc.)

- Data analysis, compilation, cleanup

- Race calendar updates

- Help streamline your process

- Trello project management

- Idea brainstorming and act as a soundboard

- Follow up/through with vendors via email

- And more... (If not listed here, just ask 🙂)

A word about website development

As a full-time software engineer, I develop web-based systems from scratch. Building from scratch allows you to get exactly what you want, without all the extras, but requires a larger budget (YMMV).  I'm not a fan of the Wordpress's, GoDaddy's, and Wix-based sites out there as they feel antiquated, difficult to use, non-performant, and generally, just frustrating to work with. Sorry, just being honest working with the web for 25 years. When it comes to these sort of "redesigns", I would prefer that you, the customer pick out your template from your choice of site generator website and we can work together to get it up and going for you. It will be the less expensive option and it's important that you know how to do this, so you can support it longer term.

Privacy is important, and it should be!

I take privacy seriously and can be trusted with your runner data. The last thing you want or need is someone who is helping you out to take your runner data and do something malicious or unintended with it. Well, I don't operate that way. Your data is your data! I will only work with it to accomplish a certain task and then return it to you.

Before you go...

If you like the quality of my work and the value I bring to your race management process, then please consider buying me one ore more beers or even better, buying a membership to allow me to help you on a more regular basis. I may offer sponsor and membership-only related posts once we get traction. Any help from you is much appreciated and drives me to help you and others out more. It would awesome if you're able to share my availability for work with others in your circle by sharing this page. Thank you in advance!

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