Hello, I'm Brian Gaines and I live in sunny San Diego, Ca. I'm currently a software engineer (web development) by profession with over 20 years experience and have been a race director for a couple of running races and group runs since 2009. I've also had a stint where I had a running club for a few years and put on a fun run series, which actually led me into being a race director.

About my races...

The races I put on with my business partner are located in the Chicago, IL area. The first race is the Christmas in July 6/12/24-Hour Solo and Relay Endurance Runs in Lisle, IL, which is a themed event and tailors around the ultrarunning community, which is a great venue for those thinking of and tinkering around the idea of running long. The other race is the Des Plaines River Trail Half Marathon, Marathon, and 50 Mile Trail Races in Vernon Hills, IL, which has a field of about 750 runners.

A race director's desire...

Most race directors know the headaches involved with putting on an event, but the joy we receive watching runners cross our finish lines outweighs it all. Our runners are our #1 priority and we try everything under the sun to make sure they feel worth it and they know we've got their back and are attentive to their needs.

How may I help...

I want that for you! I want to help you and your runners connect and retain that connection with each other in any small way I can. I understand what goes into putting on a quality running event and hope that I may offset some of the burden for my fellow race directors by assisting with miscellaneous tasks that need to get done, so I'm here to help! Just let me know.

I'm responsive, detailed oriented, and I love to optimize and simplify processes to ease the burden that comes with race management. It's something I think about all the time and try to better myself with on a daily basis. I even build tools for my own races. With that said, what can I help with?

Some common tasks you may need assistance with include the following. If you have additional needs, please, just ask!

  • Website Updates

  • Social Media (setup, posting, scheduling)

  • Graphics (not a Designer though)

  • Newsletter

  • Proof read, review materials

  • Spreadsheet updates (Google Drive - sheets, forms, docs, etc.)

  • Data analysis, compilation, cleanup

  • Race calendar updates

  • Help streamline your process

  • Trello project management (setup)

  • Idea brainstorming and act as a soundboard

  • Follow up/through with vendors via email

  • And more... (If not listed here, just ask 🙂)

~ Happy Trails, BG

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