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Who is Brian Transplant?

Comedy / horrorpunk musician Brian Transplant creates fun punk rock songs, horror commentary, spooky pixel art and more.

Rather than the angry, aggressive horrorpunk songs of yesteryear, Brian Transplant looks for the silly side of slashers, the kookiness of kaiju, the mirth of monsters and mad scientists, and the zaniness of zombies.

Brian is a one-man show. He writes, produces, records and performs everything with the help of his experimental clones and Percussotron, a killbot reprogrammed to become a punk rock drummer. 

A full-length album is currently in the works and should be done sometime before the heat death of the universe, hopefully.

Where does my contribution go?

It might go to buying me a cola - or a citrus soda, or grape, or orange... Depends on what kind of mood I'm in.

It might also go toward:

- Guitar / bass strings

- New guitar picks

- Physical media

- Spooky movie rentals

- Website hosting fees

- VST effects, VST instruments, impulse responses and more

Brian Transplant

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