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Welcome to Brief News Daily and thanks for stopping by. So here’s the deal. We care about the news, a lot in fact, but we think that the news is in its best and purest form when it’s about the everyday lives of ordinary people like you and me, and told solely from their perspectives and experiences, unfiltered and unedited. If you want the latest headlines, breaking news and big stories of the day, then the BBC, Sky News, and pretty much the whole mainstream media has you well covered. We take a slightly different approach.

We don’t tell the news from the top down, we only tell it from the bottom up. We don’t take a birds-eye view of world events, we only care about the stories of the people on the ground who experience them. We haven’t got time for left and right, or anything partisan for that matter, and we are not big fans of personality politics and identity politics. You won’t find any ads here, they are annoying, intrusive and look terrible. We are funded by my full-time job and powered by caffeine. Did we mention that we also do quizzes? We do quizzes as well.