First Book Published

First Book Published

Aug 26, 2021

Vision Unstoppable has it's first published book! Color My World! Although this is not my first published book, it's the first book published by Vision Unstoppable Publications.

Color My World was kind of a project I accidentally created. You see, my youngest son is cortically blind (on paper). Although I understand the science behind this diagnosis, I do not agree with its definitive implications. Any who, I decided to trek through the world of light and color...and then it hit me! Every color, excluding the greyscale, is comprised of THE primary colors. Red, yellow, and blue. Our eyes perceive light or the absence there of when our eyes are operating in their divine design. Some one like my son has perfectly functioning eyes, yet his perception has been altered due to a brain injury. My thought was to create high-contrasted images in hopes that the main image would be seen in the foreground of his vision.

Needless to say, Color My World has become a THING and the first ever book published by Vision Unstoppable Publications.

We are growing! We are learning! We are the table! Thank you for helping me craft spaces for inclusion stories in our world, and thank you for the COFFEE!

PS...looking for a grant writer! Tell them to hit me up! [email protected]

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