We had always heard about the infamous "Blue Hole Road" in the Ozarks in Arkansas.  We just didn't know where it was.  One day we had ventured out just on a day trip up in the ozarks and I spotted this little side road.  I looked on my gaia gps maps that I had running and it said "Blue Hole Road."  I was like wow we found it!  Although we were by ourselves we decided to give it a shot.  It started out really fun.  Mudhole after mudhole lined the narrow trail.  We stopped for lunch thinking about how fun this really was.

We left our little lunch spot and then came to a fork in the road.  We really didn't know which way to go but from the gaia maps it showed that if you go left it was a loop and came back around to the main road.  We went left. Soon we started descending down the hill and came to a tree blocking the road.  I winched it out of the way and kept pressing on.  We came to the main road and were having so much fun we decided to keep going.  I turned left.

We continued down the hill and at the bottom we found ourselves in a series of really tight switchbacks.  After we made it through the switchbacks we came upon Blue Hole Waterfall.  There is a series of 3 waterfalls here.  Such a great trail with a huge reward at the end.  After a while at the waterfall we started out ascent back out of the canyon.  What an amazing day!