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After living here for 3 years it has really shown me how much in life I have taken for granted, this is a chance for you to be a part of a movement that will literally be changing boys lives and giving them the education through schooling to become better Men.

Balinese Women & Children in particular face extreme challenges to survival. High unemployment and little education, infant mortality and malnutrition. Add to this the danger of trafficking and forced prostitution. Unsanitary conditions in substandard housing, lack of running water, prevalent sewage.

Despite Bail’s tourism-focused reputation as an island paradise, the beauty of its beaches and blissful waters hide the tragic poverty of its people. Roughly 25 million people in Indonesia live below the poverty line. A further 20% teeter on the brink, with income just marginally above poverty. In rural Bali the desperation is amplified.

Bali Street Mums provides desperately needed resources including shelter, clothing, education, basic health care and food to the impoverished here in Bali.

I visited their safehouse to meet a few of the children and families with the intention of personally sponsoring some of the boys through The Broject to give them an opportunity at life and I want to give you that opportunity as well. For $55USD a month you can personally sponsor one boy, that will cover housing, schooling, food and all the essentials. Some of the boys here have been through sex trafficking, homelessness at 8 years old, lost both parents and even to the extent of being locked in a cage and made to work 10 hour days in the sun as a teenager.

The children at this safehouse have a sparkle in their eyes, they play, run and learn to love life again. If you have been to Bali before you have encountered the begging on the streets, sometimes with Mum’s holding babies or kids coming up to you, when I look these children in the eye they don’t have that sparkle every kid deserves to have in their eyes.

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