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Hey folks!

You know me, I love to talk about horror movies and anything genre-related! I made this page to try and build a stronger community. I am not trying to make this my day job, although that would be cool, but any support I get goes into paying for the software I use to record with my awesome guests! 

One Time Supporter 

If you buy me a coffee (or beer), be sure to put your name and what horror movie you'd like me to cover and I'll add it to my list! Any support will also lead to a shoutout in my next episode. If you want a serious chance of me covering your request, make sure it is available on streaming or digital rental in the U.S., and please no torture porn or anything to gratuitous like The Farm (2018) cause...c'mon, I am trying to have fun here. If I cannot cover the requested movie, I will still absolutely be sure to shout you out in the next episode, and thank you kindly. 

Bonus Content for Members?

I would love to be able to provide some sweet & spooky bonus content for you. Currently, my personal and work life is a little out of control. So for the time being, I can do a monthly Commentary Track of me sitting down to watch a movie/show for the podcast! You will hear my thoughts in real-time and my note-taking process. Think of it as cool BTS content and it will be like we are watching the movies together, how fun?! If I can get enough support on here, I'll be able to focus more on bonus stuff! So in the meantime, please enjoy the exclusive polls & commentary tracks you'll have access to and the weekly shoutouts. Thanks! 

Autopsy of a Horror Movie

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