After discovering how hard the previous name was to remember how to say, I decided to change it to what I have always identified with myself as rather than trying to be super square, it made it seem no fun. At least to me, and I think I am a pretty fun person! So here I am with BT Kiyoko! I still claim all the art I have done for BT Guo Art so If you know how I can claim both or say I own both, please tell me! I feel bad for changing it all though, all that art is with my old signature. Though it won’t stop me from keeping this new name and everything forward! Onwards to something I have been wanting to do and, now that I know a bit of what I am doing, I might be able to get things into order now. There is so much I want to do still! Here is the list of things I want to get going once I have everything organized

-post more fan art and do the better painting! Since all my older fan art had a muggy feel, I wanted to change that and not have it as something I am not a fan of. So redoing all those soon!
-Start streaming! I don’t have a large following on twitch but I am holding I can stream my work while I do my paintings. I hope this doesn’t slow down my computer >.< Need to learn to make overlays though, so it’s not all weird looking on my computer. More learning!!
- Offer more commissions and I guess learn to advertise and market more! I want everyone to get a chance to get these pet portraits or bring out their OG characters! 

-Participate more in WIP and other drawing challenges. If you know any challenges that I should do, please tell me! I would like to get out more challenges!!
-More fan art! I want to bring out more art with the feel and look of what I did for my Pokemon gen 2 fire starter evolution line painting! I love the way it looks now that I know how to paint better! So exciting when it comes out how I like it!

And many more things to come hopefully! Please join me in this journey! <3