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Hi there,

Nice to meet you 😊

I'm Sashe (BuhalBu) - a Bulgarian full-stack developer and blogger.

I love to code and write...

And you can often hear me saying that "making software is creative writing on a higher plane." If I were immortal, I would still spend most of the time mastering all possible genres, formats, and types of writing.

I'm really grateful that you enjoy my work! 

If you read the content of this page, you probably got here through one of my projects I'm working on:

-, a newsletter and blog about the full-stack story of JavaScript (and beyond it). 

- Near Duplicate Docs, a simple js library that can search efficiently for near-duplicates in sets, libraries, or databases with almost any kind of texts;

- DevInception, a free blog template for web developers built with Next.js & Bootstrap 5

- Darky, a Next.Js & Tailwind portfolio template built exclusively for web developers

- Code Aficionado, a browser extension that makes GitHub Gist and sharing good code just a click away.

Thanks for making my job meaningful by using the stuff I create. If you would like to give me a helping hand, then I would really appreciate your one-time or continuous support. 

You will make it possible for me to think a little bit less about making money and a little bit more about what else I can create or improve by following my passions.

Be Happy,



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