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Hey 👋

My name is Safiya and I am the designer behind G-Ma's Creations.  I crochet personalized stuffed toys for children who do not have toys of their own.  My heart is close to two places in Kenya;

     House of Charity, a children's home in Kenya managed and run by Poverelle Sisters of Bergamo.  This is truly a house of charity where children from age 0-3 are taken care of before they are either adopted or handled back to their parents.  I crochet the personalized stuffed animals for the children so that when they leave the house, they take a piece of their own toy with them. The toys available in the house remain behind for the other children. Our toys serve as transitional gifts, a feeling of comfort, a reminder of where they first experienced love and a wish for a better life ahead.

    Joseph Kangethe Primary School I crochet for a class of speech and hearing impaired children.  Please read about these children on our website since there is no enough space here to tell their story.

I continually crochet for these children because every now and then House of Charity receives new children and Joseph Kangethe School admits new little learners every year.

Please buy me a coffee while I crochet for these lovely children!

Thank you.