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#### Heyo, I'm [Khalil Mejdi]() aka Bujupah! 👋

- 🔭 I’m currently working on flutter and grafana plugins.
- 🌱 I’m learning golang and react.
- 💬 Ask me about whatever you want 😁. 
- 😄 Pronouns: He/His
- ⚡ Fun Facts:
    * My username was used on League of legends as "Bujupi"
    * My friends started calling me "Bujupah" as a nickname which I still don't how it became like that but I like it and now it is here.
    * Once a professor said in french "Bouge ou pas" which you can spell it "Bujupah" in English, EVERY one in that session looked at me with a smile, the professor was confused.

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