How to be a Great Guest!

Do you show up early to your interview time? Do you test your microphone and camera before connecting? Do you turn off your phone and notifications before the interview begins? Do you get asked to be on again?

Strategies and tips you can use to make your experience the best it can be, for your host, and you! Applicable to in-person or online events.

In the opening above are several great tips and strategies you can begin using to be a Great Guest.

Here are a few more:

Try to use a laptop or desktop computer and they tend to be more reliable/stable than your phone.

If you must use your phone, and it is a video call, don't walk around in your space, it can be very nausea inducing!

Another advantage of using a laptop (make sure your power supply is plugged video drains battery fast!) or desktop, is that it is very easy to add an external microphone and camera, which will improve the interview.

Regardless of using built-in webcams, phones, or external webcams, make sure your camera is correctly set up. No one likes looking up your nose, or being looked down on! Set your camera lens so that it is at, or just above, eye level. It looks way better!

Always use some sort of headphones when on a call, not external speakers. The reason for this is that your microphone will pick up what is coming from the speakers, and feed it back to the stream, creating the dreaded echo-feedback loop. If using bluetooth headphones with a microphone, be aware that sometimes your audio will get out of sync with your video. Also, if your bluetooth headphone is too loud, the mic (which is often close to the speaker portion) can still pick up the sound and create feedback. Also, make sure your wireless headphones are fully charged before starting. Personally, Dr Energy prefers a wired headphone and separate microphone for these reasons.

Regarding your computer/phone and internet, make sure you turn off notification, updates, other streaming, etc so that your network runs as freely as possible. Most home internet doesn't have very big upload speeds (separate from your download speed) and can easily get bogged down.

If you are not the host, turn off the live-stream! In other words, don't try to watch your interview as it is happening. It is too easy to get distracted (we tend to look at ourselves on screen rather than the camera), and having video streaming while sending a live video stream will likely strain your computer system (definitely your phone) resources and audio/video may get choppy.

With lighting, have lights shine on your face. Having a bright light behind you will make your face appear darker, and your camera has to work harder (again, increased system resources) to correct the light balance.

Check your environment! Do your best to b

e in an area that is quiet, non-echoey (is that a word?), and where you're less likely to be interrupted. Carpeted, curtained, furniture full areas have better sound profiles (generally) than open, tiled/hardwood, sparse environments. If you are in an environment where you might be interrupted, close (and lock!) the door if possible. Maybe even put up a RECORDING: Do Not Disturb sign.

One last bonus tip! (maybe two...)

Above all else, make sure you prepare well before your scheduled time. Practice with a friend or family member to make sure you know where controls and buttons are, your host will appreciate you being a professional!

And, ALWAYS pretend that your mic/camera are on, and that everyone can hear and see will be less likely to say or do something that might not be appropriate.

B.U. Be Bold! The Universe is Listening.

-Dr Energy & RaRa

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