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Love the site/service, need to go pro just not sure when.

Thank you so much Michael! .No worries, take your time. You can try our 14 days free trial. .

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I totally love your platform! burnermail.io is just super convenient: - Super fast to set up - An easy way to cut out spam - Privacy over 9000: you don't have to give any service your real email anymore Features that I'd wish for: - More custom emails for when you don't have the addon with you - Multiple forward email addresses for every "category" of burnermail (easier to sort them into different inboxes afterwards without creating multiple accounts) I'm celebrating it and use it a lot! Please keep it up, good luck! :)

Thank you so much stranger! .Don't worry, those features are coming .If you have any other feedback you can drop us a line at [email protected], we'd truly appreciate it.

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Hey,  huge fan and love your solution. I hope you guys can take this idea to the next level. Would love to further support you. Best,.  

Thank you so much kind Adrian! .You can help us improve our service by dropping us a line at [email protected] with your feedback. Also, a round of applause for using a burner email .

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Thank you so much stranger! .

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Thanks, I like that its so easy to use.. 

Thank you so much Dan! .


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