Buy ButterflyBruja a 🦋


Hello, all! I am the butterfly bruja and I wanted to highlight my main reasons for creating this account. In order to do conjure work for others or do readings, it takes up quite a bit of materials and cost. If you ever want to donate toward materials so that I can help others or just a nice cup of tea, it would be greatly appreciated! Most importantly to me though, is to be able to help our communities, people and pets whenever I am able. I believe in service and that service comes in many ways. Maybe you’re stuck at home and want to do something kind or spiritual but you can’t get out or you’re beliefs are something you keep under wraps. I will take whatever cash you want to donate, bless it and allocate it to complete strangers in need. I work with animals and if you want to donate toward the health and rehabilitation of pets whose owners can’t afford testing or medications, I will put your donation toward that. :) So, if you want to donate toward materials, spot a cuppa or if you want for me to be the extension of your kindness to others, please  hit donate. 🖤 🦋 🖤