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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!
Cregor Rodriguez
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Live streaming kinda harshes my mellow. There is money in it, but it can be pretty toxic. Aaron Interviews can be fun but they exhaust me.

Thanks so much Cregor! I appreciate it!! I’d be interested to know what you don’t like about live streaming. I’m unsure about it but prob going to give it a try 

There is nothing inherently wrong with live-streaming.  From my experience, your life becomes the stream and mistakes can be made chasing a donation, a sponsor or even just a dopamine rush.  It can be hard to come to terms with the fact live-streaming is the monetization of loneliness.  But it can be really fun too, and the experience may help supply a cash flow for a passion project. Either way, your current content is great, and sorry for platform hopping.  I'll stick to Patreon.

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My goodness. As an actual physician, I can’t help but cringe. Comes with the territory, I’m afraid. As someone who had the privilege of being introduced to your comedy on “You’re Dead to Me”, I’m so happy to support you. So glad Greg was smart enough to bring you on for the Pyramids episode. 

Haha I'm not sure if you are cringing from my stand up or my podcast 2 Non Doctors but we have made a few real doctors cringe! :) Thank you so much for the coffees and for your support!!