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💙 Update 2:  We've now donated $100 to buy Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), 33+ masks, for frontline healthcare nurses, doctors, and workers! Thank you all for your support of the creation of these games and tournaments for all, and your contribution to helping those putting their life on the line for our health. 💙 (Donation post:

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Update 1: I'm now taking all donations for my work in creating games, trivia, and tournaments, and will be directly donating it all to help supply Personal Protective Equipment to frontline healthcare workers. I will also match all donations personally as wel. Thank you all for your continued support during these times of uncertainty, I appreciate all your support so much!

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Thanks for stopping by! I'm Brian, an engineer and teacher here in San Francisco, and I'm doing my best to create interesting apps, research and build out the best interactive trivia games and competitions, run video game tournaments, and host events 😄

All your support is greatly appreciated!

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Wanru T.
Wanru T. bought 5 ppe for nursess.

Thank you for these fun games! I just did a trivia for my team at work. 

Thank you! ❤️ Glad they enjoyed it. Thanks for your donation to help frontline healthcare workers 🤗

Someone bought 5 ppe for nursess.

Thank you for your support 💙 !

Daniel bought 5 ppe for nursess.


💙 Thanks! Salute the sun! 🧘‍♀️

Someone bought a ppe for nurses.

More smash 🎮


Jen bought 3 ppe for nursess.

trivia was super fun :D 

❤️ Glad you enjoyed! Thank you!