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I'm Nana and I love coffee. Also, I am full of hopes and crazy dreams. Thankfully I have a tenacious spirit and courageous heart just enough to make the crazy dreams happen. I thrive in challenges and have always been passionate about life.

My motivation to make a positive impact in the world—driven with strong values of passion, leadership, freedom, empathy, and excellence—has steered me to establish DAVA design stories, a platform that showcases not only of my own design journey but as well as the stories of other design champions. Under DAVA, I have also launched “Gahom Mentorship”, a non-profit mentoring program dedicated to training the next designers and leaders of my hometown. I am currently mentoring 18 “Gahom Scholars” along with my outstanding colleagues. I have also co-found Design Davao Society, a movement that strives to make Davao a “model city”—sustainable, authentic, and genuinely happy—by empowering Davao designers and stakeholders to practice Design Excellence. Design Davao Society—at 4-months old—was able to gather local design champions, stakeholders, policy makers and world-wide audience through my creative and strategically organized programs.

I have some extraordinary experiences and ambitious goals, but my most valuable life lesson thus far is learning to love myself unapologetically and my most rewarding achievement is making genuine relationships along the way. And I am here to share my stories about life, joy, melancholy, and everything in between!