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Kia ora,

We are the team behind bypass, an independent and not-for-profit architecture journal based in Tāmaki Makaurau. The journal came about as a result of witnessing an overwhelming number of pandemic publishing job losses, and subsequently the disappointing closure of some major architectural publications in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our intent is to suggest alternative modes of thought about the practice, discipline, and agency of architecture. To do this, we source ideas and contributions both locally and internationally. The ultimate goal is to provoke more critical thought about how architecture operates in today's world. It is free to access online and serves as a great resource to students, academics, professionals and hobbyists alike.

Recently, we launched Bypass Podcast, a brand new platform and research practice that explores the potential of audio as a means of communicating architecture. Each release is a bold and unique perspective on creative practice and the built environment in Aotearoa.  We are grateful to have an audience for this research as it keeps our team accountable, motivated, and excited to test out new ideas.

We came together with a common goal of sharing what really matters in the world today, and filling the gaps of discourse not undertaken. Being non-institutionalised and non-profit is key to achieving that goal. This is not an easy feat. The publication has been completely self-funded from the start. As the platform continues to expand, we want to be able to pay our staff and contributors the rate they deserve for all their hard work. We also need to cover production costs, and do not want to rely on advertising and paywalls to achieve that. We want our platform to forever remain an equitable and accessible source of knowledge to the community it serves.

You, our audience, are the inspiration and driver for why we do what we do. We want to keep the fire burning for as long as it may sustain the life of our pursuit. We appreciate your ongoing contributions and support.

Aroha nui,

Binh, Oliver, Ethan, Mika and Gabi

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