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Twigs snapped. Leaves rustled. The deafening sounds of the forest surround me as I hiked through. This is laughable. The Reddit forum said that this forest was the equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle. People would come in, and never come out. It was a surprise to find out that I didn't live too far from it. So I decided myth bust it with my handy camera. It's been hours and the only thing I managed to catch was a hawk snatching up a cute bunny. Unfortunately, I was also in the middle of a piss. I'm sure the hawk had a laugh. Darkness started to slowly engulf the forest around me as the sun began to set. I guess it's time for me to start heading back towards my car. This was a waste of time. Before I could turn to head back, I lost my footing on a branch and fell, my body slid and tumbled down a hill. I tried to grab ahold of something, anything, but to no avail. Every rock and stick greeted me with a punch to the ribs, a jab to the gut. I tried to brace myself by laying on my back and digging my heels into the ground. That was a mistake. My foot hit a small tree trunk and I flew across the forest floor. I felt a blow to the head and everything went dark. Crickets... I hear crickets. My eyelids felt heavy as I did my best to open them. A warm liquid trickled down the side of my head. I pulled my hand to my head and dipped a finger in it. Looking at it, I saw red. "Blood?" I spoke out to myself. Stars danced above me in the night sky. "Stars?!" I panicked. How long have I been knocked out? I tried to look at my watch but I noticed it was gone. Then I noticed it. I noticed the breeze between my bare thighs and the cold air biting at my nipples. I was naked. Completely naked. How in the hell did I lose all of my clothes? I looked around and noticed my surroundings didn't seem familiar at all. Forcing myself off the ground, it took a minute for everything to stop spinning and for my vision to focus. As I looked around me, I noticed something odd. The trees looked off. I stepped closer to one to get a closer look. I was horrified. Someone's face was embedded into the bark of this tree. I screamed out of fear. The eyes popped open, "h...helllp meeee." An unnatural voice escaped the lips. I screamed again. I spun around to run, but I notice another tree also had a face. And another. Another. The feeling of something wrapping around my naked waist caught my attention. Looking down, I found vines hugging me tight. My eyes followed the vines, it led me to a tree, with an opened mid section, as if it had a mouth. I was being pulled in. I tried to pull myself free but I was too weak. I started to cry and beg. I looked around and saw that every tree around me had a face, besides the one I was being dragged into. And it dawned on me...All of these faces were once people. These trees have been eating them. The trees were alive, and surrounding me was a forest of death! And soon, I would become a part of it.

~Justin Knight, April 4th 2021

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