In the Land Of Gods And Monsters

Creature Boyfriend

Part One

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The sounds of yelling and snarling filled Sophie’s ears as her little legs run as fast as they can. Close on her trail were her captors, who have been torturing her from the last month but after one of them had been careless with the door of her cage. She could run from that awful place, leaving behind her best friend screaming for her.

Sophie and her friend had gone on a vacation to get away from the stress of their university and families, staying one week in several countries. It was going well, they were having a blast, meeting new people and new cultures but when they land on Sweden something didn´t felt right to Sophie. Maybe was because she notices that a group of peculiar men had followed them from Finland to Sweden which she saw them on one of the bars that they had to go to Finland.

After one night of celebrating and partying, Sophie and her friend went to their hotel room but as they were walking down the dark street, the group of men grab them and throw them into a van. They spend their time torturing and raping Sophie and her friend, locking them on cold cages like some animal. Sophie had heard talking about selling them for more drugs, which made her all body freeze in fear and panic.

“Come here, you little bitch!” one of the men snarled, trying to run faster.

A hiss escapes from Sophie’s lips when a sharp stick pierces her bare feet, making her almost fall on the humid ground. Looking around, she notices a bunch of tall trees.

“I could hide there,” she whispers quietly. Running faster, she enters the dense woods.

The tall trees pass by her like a blur for her legs were carrying her quickly through the dense woods. Her pale bruised skin stung as the cold air hit her face with her speed. Sophie could hear her kidnappers close behind her but the will of living inside her made her plump legs run faster.

Her bare feet were hurting like hell but she didn’t stop, ignoring the painful cuts that the sharp sticks and rocks made.

Sophie turns after tree after tree, trying to lose the men. As she turns for the hundredth time, the voices from the horrible men vanished. Looking back, she sees any trace of the men.

Falling into the cold humid ground, Sophie took a deep breath, letting her sore body rest for a bit. She looks around her, seeing tall trees everywhere she looked.

The sun had begun disappearing on the horizon, his warm light fading from between the dense trees and the darkness spreading around her. A shiver runs down her spine as a gush of wind pass through her, making wrap her bare arms around her small frame.

“I need to make a fire…” she mumbles.

Standing up, she begins walking more into the dark forest, grabbing sticks and logs to make a fire. As she was picking the last log, Sophie noticed a small stone hut before her, illuminated by the moonlight. It looks old and some parts of the roof were falling apart.

“Weird… This isn’t here before,” she whispers while walking slowly to the house.

Sophie was confused by how she didn’t notice it early since she was picking up logs around her for some time. Maybe was too dark for her to see or maybe she too traumatizes to notice anything around her but whatever it was, she was grateful to have shelter for the night.

Opening the old wooden door, Sophie quickly enters the small hut. Inside was even worse, there was pieces of broken chairs and tables spread through the darkroom. The air smelled like mold and rotten wood which made Sophie wrinkle her nose.

She puts the logs by the small fireplace and starts the fire. Her small body shook in cold and frustration, the logs were too humid to form a fire. She turns her head to the side and grabs some pieces of the broken wooden chair. She threw it to the fireplace and uses the last match that she had.

A relief sigh fell from her thin lips as the small flame begin burning higher, lighting up the small dark room.

Sophie grabbed an old dirty blanket and wrap it around her quivering form. The bright fire had begun warming her frozen toes, making her hum in comfort.

The adrenaline from all the early events melting away from her small body. She closes her grey eyes and took a deep breath, letting sleep take over her quivering body.

That night, Sophie was plagued by nightmares. The face of her best friend always appearing in her dreams, the sound of her pleas for Sophie´s help echoed in her head, making her small bruised body shake in fear and guilt for leaving her best friend behind but suddenly a warmth spread through Sophie´s body and the nightmares disappeared.

A black void surrounded her but to Sophie’s surprise, it was welcomed. It made her feel safe. A pair of golden eyes appeared in front of her and the sound of someone talking in a strange language sounded around her.

Sophie´s eyes were fixed on the golden ones, seeing them full of rage and concern at the same time. She took a step forward, hypnotized by the strange golden eyes.

As she was close to the creature, Sophie suddenly felt a sting on her chest which forced a hiss from her lips. Looking down, she notices five little dots with some blood dripping out.

Suddenly, Sophie shot up from her seat by the fireplace and look around the small old hut, her breath coming out in little puffs. She puts her small hand on her chest and hisses gently as she felt the five dots under her dirty shirt. She pulls the shirt up and gasps at the sight of the wound on her chest.

“What’s this?!” she whispers quietly.

Sophie pulled the old blanket around her and extinguish the fire. She felt that something was off about the hut and it was better to leave before something worse happens.

Grabbing everything that she needs it, Sophie walks out of the strange hut into the dark cold night. The crispy air hit her pale face witch such force that made her a little dizzy.

“Where to go now?” she mumbles to herself.

She looks around, seeing only tall trees and a little of the gigantic moon above her, shining on the dark sky.

Sighing tiredly, Sophie begin her long walk through the dense woods. She knew that she should have stay on the hut since there could be wild animals or her kidnappers in those dark woods but something on her mind told her to venture into those strange woods.

It has been almost two hours since she had left the small hut, her bare feet hurt like hell and her all body was freezing cold since the old blanket did almost nothing to warm her up.

Tired, Sophie sat by a tall tree. She looks up to the moon and let tears run down her cold cheeks. Sophie had been walking and walking in those woods, finding nothing or no one that could help her. She was losing hope, her body was cold and weak, the lack of food and water was making her energy run out. If she doesn’t find anyone quickly, she may die on those cold woods…alone.

Suddenly, a sound of stick cracking grabbed her attention. Not having enough energy left, Sophie only turns slowly her head towards the sound. Standing there was one of her kidnappers, smiling wickedly at her.

“Finally, I found you, you little bitch!” the man said while walking towards her.

Panicking, Sophie tries to get away from him but her legs were too sore to move. Laughing evilly, the man grabs her by the hair, pulling her to his hard chest. “Let´s go, girl! The boss is waiting for us and lets me tell you that he has something big for you!” the man lets out a booming laugh while dragging her through the dark woods.

The only sounds that came out from Sophie’s mouth were whimpers and small pleads, trying to convince the man to let her go.

“Shut up, you whor-AHHHH” suddenly the man’s grip on her loses and Sophie hears the man being thrown to the other side with a loud crack.

Looking up, Sophie’s breath got caught on her throat as she saw a gigantic creature standing next to her, glaring at the man. With the moonlight, Sophie could see a little of the strange creature. It was a massive body that looked like a body of an elf with long four legs, on his back was little spikes which remind her of a human spine. On the front was a set of huge strong arms coming out of the side of a humanoid torso.

Sophie tried to see his face but she couldn’t move her body. The creature walks slowly towards the man, murmuring in a strange language, a language that Sophie had heard on her dream.

The strange creature lifts the man by the neck with his strong hands, walking towards one of the tall trees. The man cried and kick the creature, trying to get away from the monster’s grip but he didn’t budge.

Sophie’s eyes widened as she sees the creature pushing the man into the sharp spikes of the tree, piercing the man’s body. The painful screams coming out from the man, made Sophie’s stomach twist in fear, making her vomit the emptiness inside her since she didn’t have anything on her stomach.

The creature turns and begins walking to her. Sophie’s energy by this time had died out and she stood there, lying on the cold humid grass, looking up to the creature. A gasp escaped from her lips when she saw his shining golden eyes, exactly like the ones in her dream.

A whimper fell from her mouth as the creature bend down beside her, rubbing gently her soaked cheeks. He begins purring gently while picking her up in bride style. Sophie’s body melted into his arms as she felt his warm touch, making her vision blurry by the sleep. She didn’t know what exactly was this creature but she found some comfort on his arms, feeling safe and warm. Even he had just killed a man right in front of her.

The creature starts walking into the dark woods, taking Sophie to his nest.

She cuddles into the creature’s arms and hums in happiness, hearing the soft purring coming out from him. As she was about to drift to sleep, Sophie heard a gentle voice inside her head.

“It´s okay… Your safe now, Eskling.”  

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