In The Land of Gods And Monsters

Demon Boyfriend

Warning: domestic violence!!

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“Here are you! You disrespectful bitch!” Joanne’s husband´s drunk voice sounded in the house along with the shattering of beer´s bottle against the old wall. She swallows hard and runs quickly to the living room. Where she saw her once-beloved husband, lying on the sofa watching some crap on the Tv. “Y..Yes?…” She stutter, her heavy body quivering in fear.  

Michael, her husband, wasn´t always like this. When she first met him, he was such a cheerful person, always make her smile and whisper sweet nothing on the rainy days that they spent in the bed but all of that changed when they had married. His cheerful personality vanished and a new one appeared an evil one. His sweet soft touch turns into harsh one, his feather-like kisses turn into forced ones, his beautiful words turn into vile ones.  

Almost every day, he punched and mock at her, pleased to see his mark on her bruised skin and not let´s get started when he came home angry. That´ when hell gets loose.

“Go get some more beer, woman!”  he said while scratching his groin. Nodding quickly, she goes to the small kitchen. With her shaking hands, she took a bottle of beer from the fridge but slipped from her hand, crashing into the cold floor.  

“What did you do this rime?!” Michael´s voice roared from the living room.  

Bending down, Joanne starts collecting the sharp pieces of glass. She could hear the heavy footsteps coming to the kitchen, making her shake in fear even more.  

“Fucking great! You can´t do anything well, can you?” he snarls as he sees the mess that she did. Staying with her eyes locked on the ground, trying to clean all the mess before the things get worse.  

“I..I´m s..sorry!” Her words came out in a choked sob, knowing of what will come. He sighs in annoyance and walks to his frightened wife, grabbing a fistful of her brown hair. He slaps her soaked cheek and grabs her chin forcefully, making her look to his blue eyes full of rage.  

“I think you need some time out,” he said with a wicked smile on his sharp face. Joanne’s body tense as she heard his words and tears begin falling down freely.  

“No! Please! I will be good. I promise!” She pleaded while trying to grab something besides her as he starts to drag her to that awful tiny dark closet which he made her spend cold nights in there when he was angry.  

“C´mon you ugly slut!” he snarls dangerously, drags her along the cold floor. Joanne’s screams sounded around the house along with his curses and yells. Michael opens the door of the closet and throws her to the tiny space, closing quickly. Darkness envelopes around her, making her breath caught on the throat.  

“Goodnight, sweetheart!” he said with a mocking voice.  

Joanne pulls her bruised knees to her chest and put her hands on her head, rocking slightly as loud sobs fell from her lips. The voices inside her head begin wailing and whispering all her deep insecure thoughts, murmuring the horrendous things that Michael yells to her. Ugly fat bitch, cow, pig, filthy whore, the list goes on and on and on.

What did she do to deserve this life? Maybe she should end her life… Maybe with that, she could find peace. Her thoughts run crazily around her head, making a huge headache.

As she was about to drift to sleep, finally after crying her eyes out, she had found some comfort to shut down her body.  

The tiny closet suddenly felt spacious, making her almost fall to the side.  

Lifting her head up, Joanne still saw darkness around her but in the distance, she sees a small light shining.

“What-” she whispers quietly, slowly standing up. Joanne looks around, seeing nothing but a black void.

”Weird…” she murmured.  

Swallowing down a lump in her throat, Joanne starts walking towards the greyish light. The ground beneath her bare feet felt warm and soft like some comfy slippers, must better than the old cold floor from the house.

As she comes closer to the light, Joanne notices that it come from a simple wooden door. Slowly, she wraps her hand gently on the door’s handler and opens it. A gush of warm wind hit Joanne’s face, making some pieces of her brown hair fly back.  

When she walks inside the very strange room, a gasp escape from her plump lips. There was dense fog wondering in the giant room. In the distance, Joanne could see a gigantic castle, full of tall trees surrounded it. It was like she had stepped into some horror movie.  

The door vanished behind her and the greyish fog envelopes her curvy body, making the soft hairs behind on her neck stand.  

“Where am i?” She whispers in awe and fear. Surprised that all of this was on that tiny old closet.

“You are in my world, Joanne.” A sultry voice sounded around the foggy space. Joanne jumps almost out of her skin, yelping in fear. She looks around to find the source of the voice but the fog was too dense to see, except for dark shadows. A chuckle sounded behind her and she felt light breathing on her neck.  

Turning around quickly, Joanne found herself face to face with a massive horned creature. A loud gasp fell from her lips as she took a step back, looking to the creature in fear and awe at the same time.  

The creature was white as the moon, with some faint grey veins running down his face and hollow body. His face was hollowed and sharp with large black horns coming out from his sides, he had two set of huge black eyes which Joanne could see her reflection on them. He had long white silky hair running down his face. His mouth was gigantic, full of black sharp teeth that could rip an arm easily. His body was long and thin, with a little muscle. He had three set of long bony arms, his clawed hands and feet were all black which as it goes up, fade into pure white.  

“Aren’t you afraid, little one?” His silky voice made a shiver run down her spine, spreading goosebumps on her curvy body.  

Taking a deep breath, Joanne shook her head slowly.  

“No…” She whisper. Well, it’s true since her worst nightmare was outside of that closet, waiting to give her another beating.

“Oh… Is that true?” He said while walking slowly around her, observing her every move. He stops in front of her and lifts her chin with one of his many hands.  

“And why so?” He purrs lowly, licking his black teeth with his long blood-red tongue.  

“Because my demon is waiting for me outside of that door…” She whispers, swallowing a big lump on her throat.  

He lets go of her chin and straighten his back, showing her how massive he was.  

“I see… I must say, I’m surprised to see a human here. It’s been so long since i saw one this close.” He turns around and starts walking into the dense fog to the huge castle while he motion to her with his large hand to follow him.  

Joanne begins to walk with him, seeing some very strange trees pass by her. Where was she? Is this hell? Did she die on her sleep? All the strange possibilities run her mind.

“Are you the devil?” She asked shyly. He chuckles and stops as they reach the large iron doors, snapping one of his large clawed fingers to open them. He walks in with her follow him close behind. Joanne looks around in awe, seeing the dark strange furniture which looked that was from a very old era.

They walk into a room, which seems to be a very huge living room. A large fireplace stood in one of the walls, with a head of some kind of creature standing proudly over it.  

The horned creature sits on one of the comfy sofas and told her to make herself at home.

“Well…kind of. You could say that I’m the right arm of Lucifer. One of the Kings in Hell.” he said while summing a tray with tea and some chocolate cookies, taking a large sip of the hot tea. Joanne’s eyes almost jump out of her face with his words. The right arm of Lucifer?! A king?!

“wow… but shouldn´t demons be evil and eat humans’ souls?”  She asked quietly, taking a small sip of the warm tea.  

The demon let out a loud laugh, making the room shake with his voice. He cleans a tear from one of his eyes and grins down to her.  

“I´m fascinated by how humans see us. We are not barbarians!… Well some of us are but we don´t pass our days terrorize humans.” he leans back to the soft sofa and pushes a piece of his white hair behind his pointy ear.

“We do the dirty work that the pretty ones don´t have the courage to do,” he said while pointing his long finger up.  

There a long silence for a while and Joanne begins feeling a bit awkward. Biting her lower lip, she looks around and then met his piercing gaze.  

“Am I dead?” she finally asks him the big question.

He took a deep breath and shook his head, making his silky hair fall down to his face.  

“No… But one day you will be if that husband of ours continues to hit you like that,”  he said lowly.  

Joanne nods and fights off the tears that were threatening to fall down her soft cheeks. They finish our tea and talk a little bit.

After that night, Joanne has gone there every night. Spending her colds nights talking with the demon king.  

She has learned that his name his Solmen which rolled perfectly on her tongue.  

Solmen and Joanne would go in big walks around his garden, showing her his black and red flowers. He explained her that gardening was one of his passions which surprise her since who would think that such big demon King would like to plant flowers.  

After some time, they had become really close. Joanne found that demons could be more gentle than certain humans.  

Solmen would feed her every night with a big meal since Michael didn´t let her eat, saying that she was already too fat and that she didn´t need more.  

They spend some nights reading in comfortable silence in his massive library, others he would tell Joanne some old tales and others they would cuddle in the soft pillows on his living room beside the huge warm fireplace, looking to the beautiful renaissance painting on the ceiling.  

Solmen would tell her the story of the two beautiful curvy women in the painting, saying that in the old times this type of body was considered beautiful and desirable.  

His world had become her safe place as well as his arms.

It´s strange to say but she might have fallen in love with a demon.

One day, as Joanne was cleaning the dinner dishes. Michael came behind her and wrap his disgusting arms around her thick waist, stroking harshly her skin there.  

“I think you deserve some reward since you have been such good girl,” he whispers against her ear, his breath smelled alcohol.  

Shaking her head, Joanne try to push him off.  

“N..No… Please, Michael!” she whimpers, trying to move away from his stronghold. He snarls and grabs her neck, squeezing tightly.  

“Listen here, woman! I will do what i want with you! Do you understand?” he growls at her, pushing her back against the wall. He pushes her dress up and starts kissing roughy her neck, sucking on the skin there. Joanne feels his disgusting hands moving up on her plump legs, to her center.  

A sob fell from her lips, her face soaked in tears. All Joanne wanted right now was to run into Solmen strong arms, hugging him with all her strength.  

As Micheal starts to rub his member against her center, Joanne heard wails and whisper coming from the hallway, making her look to the hallway where the closet was.  

“Solmen…” she sobs.

Suddenly Michael was thrown away from her to the corner of the kitchen.  

Standing there by the door was Solmen with a dark face with his sharp teeth bared to Michael. The house all the sudden becomes dark and cold, the furniture starts shaking as Solmen took a step forward.  

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Michael yelled as he tries to crawl away from Solmen. Standing up with an arm wrap around his side, where he had hit on the wall. Solmen bared his sharp teeth and growl loudly, lifting Michael with one of his many hands. He leans down and hisses on Michael´s face.  

“You will regret that you had touched her!” he growls to Michael.  

A squeal escaped from Joanne´s mouth as Solmen rips Michael head off, spreading blood everywhere in the kitchen. Then he lifts his other hands and small flames came from Michael’s body, his soul, and floated on his large hand.  

He murmured something to the flames and it disappears. Then he turns to Joanne, seeing her plump body quivering in the corner of the kitchen with wide eyes.  

“It´s okay, Joanne… He´s gone.” coos gently to the frightened woman, bending down and grabbing her shaking hands.  

She swallows dryly and nods, standing up slowly with his help. He cups gently her soaked cheek and stroke it softly, kissing her forehead. Joanne wraps her arms around his thin body and buries her face on his warm chest, sobbing into his pale skin. He stroke her brown hair slowly, whisper sweet words into her ear.  

“Shh…it´s okay… Come with me, Joanne. Come to Hell and be with me. It will never miss anything to you! You will be treated like a Queen!” he whispers against her hair, kissing gently her ear.  

A gasp escapes from Joanne´s mouth. She pushes away a little and looks to his four eyes, seeing them full of love. Going to hell? But if she goes, does it means that she will suffer? No! She will be with Solmen and she knows that he will never let anything bad happen to her!  

Taking a deep breath, Joanne nods, giving him a teary smile.  

“Yes… I will go with you!” she whispers shyly, giggling as he picks her up and swings her around. Kissing all her soaked face. Then he puts her down and grabs her hand gently.  

“Very well… let´s go, my Queen.” with that he led her into the tiny closet, taking his Queen to his foggy world.

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