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We are a couple of producers and artist striving to put out some great music with other talented people. In search of a tribe of individuals who are daring to create and collab.

Stife is a production team duo from San Jose,CA. Jeff Edmonds and John Sager decided years ago to work together fueled by their friendship and passion for music. What started as a hobby blossomed into some next level creativity. Stife means "Studio Life". Taking the essence of "Studio Life", we have embodied that towards our music. Whether your a photographer, a graphic designer, in film, a dancer, or into the music in any form you would understand the place to be is in the studio. At Stife we are songwriters, original music composers, remixers and mixing engineers. Jeff Edmonds is also a singer going by "J. Edmonds". One thing we strongly believe in people have to surround themselves with like wise people who want to work hard towards their craft.