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I create film tutorials, short films and I play guitar. I also create horror films, horror cartoons and other horror entertainment. I play guitar and drink way too much coffee.

Hello! If you are here, I want to say thank you because you decided to click my link to consider supporting me and my work. Any money you donate will help me fund my projects.


I have been a videographer professionally since 2010 doing a variety of projects and events. I started working on films in 2015 and decided to become a full time filmmaker and teach filmmakers how to be better filmmakers. To see my tutorials, subscribe to my filmmaker YouTube.


In addition to short films and tutorials, I also LOVE horror. So much that I am also creating horror films and horror cartoons. To follow this work, please subscribe to my Phantom6Productions YouTube.

I also have a metal instrumental project! Follow JakeTheRipper.

Regardless whether you buy me a coffee, subscribe to my channels or follow me on Facebook, I truly appreciate you and your support.

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