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Editor and podcast host for Your Other Brothers. Producing blogs, podcasts, videos, and other story content across two sites. Author of STRUGGLE CENTRAL and RUNNING TO. INFJ/4w5.

I'm a blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, and author. A storyteller. I grew up near Philadelphia where my story started out feeling perfect. Then I learned of struggle and life beyond Eden. Since childhood, I've lived in Georgia, California, Wisconsin, and North Carolina, as well as on the open road for months at a time. Since 2013, I've written a couple books and started an online community for fellow strugglers and Jesus-followers, and I hope to make more of my living via my storytelling passions. I do most of my work in coffee shops, so buying me a coffee truly aids me in this endeavor!
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You are one of my favourite people! Hope you soon feel and stay well.

Aw thank you so much, friend! Love your spelling of "favourite." Much love!

Matthew Forrester
Matthew Forrester bought a coffee.

You are a ray of sunshine after a stormy cloud has past. Continue to shine! 

Aw gee thanks. Thanks friend!

Terri Little
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Joseph Bullin
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Keep it up. ☕

Thanks for the support, Joseph!

Ron Anderson
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Hi Tom. I'm glad to hear that you are on the mend! You have certainly been through it. I am grateful for you and your ministry!

Thanks for the love, Ron! Grateful in return.